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Eight Auspicious Symbols

Eight Auspicious Symbols
Eight Auspicious Symbols...

We learned of the Eight Auspicious Symbols - they appear everywhere, from sacred temples to humble homes, on gates and walls and in every-day life.

The Infinite Knot

Symbolizing the interconnections in everything, and the meaninglessness of time. Sonam also said it can be used to capture bad things, and when full, put aside.

The Lotus Flower

The Flower floats above the mud, representing purity and clarity. We need to reach for higher things as we live our every day lives.

The Victory Banner

Signifying victory over base things, and that which tries to hold us back. We should celebrate the victories of good, both small and large.

The Wheel of Dharma

Reminds us of the law and order of the cosmos - and teachings that encourage us to gain understanding and follow a good path through life.

The Treasure Bowl

The Treasure Bowl is always overflowing with richness - we should be generous and always share our good fortune.

The Two Lucky Fish

The Two Lucky Fish symbolise happiness, security and fearlessness. Move freely through life, as fish through water. Do not let negativity hold you back.

The Parasol of Protection

The Parasol provides protection from harmful forces and that which injures. It reminds us of the expansive sky and the unfolding of space.

The Conch

The Conch represents the deep pervasive sound of the laws of the cosmos awakening us to gain understanding, insight and enlightenment.