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Lights, Camera - Action!

Lights, Camera - Action!
Short doors for tall people...
Yak butter tea is often preceded with a traditional knees-up, just to prepare you! LtoR: Rie, Martyn, Lysianne, Annie and James joint the dancers. 
No killing allowed - You must aim lower - but maybe not there, Martyn! 
The cool mountain air is warmed by a smile! Lysianne. 
Our visit to the Trongsa Dzong. Rear: Martyn, Jeff, Rene, Douglas, James, Sonam; Mid: Annie, Jo, Margaret, Douglas, Lysianne, Elaine, Frances; Front: Susie, Aline, Judy, Rie. Frances
Enrapt: Elaine, Martyn, Margaret, Doug, Susie, Sonam, Aline, James. 
Happy Times (c) for BFFs - Judy, Sonam, Johanna, Douglas, Lysianne. 
We learnt that in the Old Days, people were only as tall as your thumb! As we advanced, we got taller...as you can see, Rene is very advanced. 
Rear: James, Margaret, Lysianne, Douglas, Rene, Elaine; Front: Rie, Jeff.