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Saturday - Kathmandu / Paro / Thimphu

Saturday - Kathmandu / Paro / Thimphu
A circular fortress overlooks the valley.
The adventure begins - Kathmandu to Paro on Bhutan's national airline, Druk Airways. Douglas.
A glimpse of Mount Everest on the way... Douglas.
The valley of Paro. Frances
Paro - an old traditional house. 

A very up-to-date Monk... Douglas
Walking through prayers - towards a torana... 
Jeff and Aline - bemused by Buddhist Art - Elaine.
The group was invited to dinner by the Honerable Tashi Dorji, Chairman of the National Council of Bhutan, and his wife Dawa. Frances
The Bhutan Royal Palace at night. Frances

Overnight: Druk Hotel, Thimphu