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Sunday - Thimphu

Sunday - Thimphu
Buddha Dordenma looks down on visiting supplicants.
Pray pray and pray some more... but don’t ever pass without a turn or two. Elaine.
A large chap we shall get to know... Buddha Dordenma. Douglas. 
Fairy goddesses surround the Buddha Dordenma. Frances
Golden pillars, dressed crystals, spinning prayers, flowers, silver bowls with water and saffron. 
Bhutanese boys in traditional dress. Frances
A gentleman we met upon the way. Douglas. 
One of the best demos anywhere. Let’s all sing whilst we stamp on mud to build a house. Elaine. 
A surprising 'garden' of Buddhist art. Elaine. 
Circle dancing for yak butter tea - James, dancer, Rie, Lysianne, guide, Martyn. Elaine. 
Pema Tshering demonstrates his archery skills - none of us could match him. We met Pema in his shop carving intricate wooden art with his feet. We heard part of his story - overcoming the challenges of cerebral palsy, developing and selling his art, and competing in archery in two Olympics - Seol in 1988 and Barcelona in 1992. 
Wood-carving and archery - an inspiration to us all. Douglas 

Overnight: Druk Hotel, Thimphu